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Top English Language Immersion Schools in Ireland

Benefits of English Language

English is a language which is globally accepted and understood by people in more than 200 countries. This makes English the best way of communicating with people abroad. It has facilitated people who travel as well as those who are willing to migrant and settle abroad.

Below are some of the benefits of the English Language:




Enlish is an easy language to be learnt. Whether you are willing to learn to read, write or speak English, a few weeks of training is usually enough to make a person conversant and understand the language better.



English is spoken by over 5 billion people across the globe. It is used in over 200 nations across the world and even Internet’s primary language is English! This makes it the most accepted and used global language.



English has helped in facilitation of trade and played a major role in globalization. It has helped in breaking the barriers of language between businesses and helped them connect and understand better.

Facilitates Literature


Other forms of art

Literature widespread is another milestone which couldn’t have been achieved without the help of English language. Works of French poets and authors are usually translated in English to make them accessible globally.

In Ireland, the education industry is blooming and so is the tourism! This makes it mandatory for the new immigrants to polish their communication skills and learn English (English being the primary language in Ireland). Students from all countries come to Ireland and some of them don’t have English as their primary language. This makes it difficult for them to learn English as they need assistance in their mother tongue to make them understand the English language. But there is a solution for it too! Read More...

Company Ties for 2018 and into 2019

Dress for the clients you want

Appearance is everything in a first impression, and first impressions will condition all that comes after that. So if you have a business and you want to succeed in an increasingly competitive market, you need to make sure people who represent your company have the right attire and the right look to convey what you want your customers and partners to think about you.

There are dressing codes that you must know about, and they change from industry to industry. However, some elements are common to multiple environments, especially on the top of the chain of command. Suits and ties have become the universal sign of reliability, professionalism and high status. If you want to interact with powerful and competent people, you have to look for the suits and ties, especially in formal situations - which is where most of the important meetings take place and the biggest deals are closed. Read More...

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Tim Langly

I used NAT Confidence Training to train my staff in house. They were very professional and friendly and really boosted my staff members confidence levels. They now feel ready to take charge and travel with their jobs!

Lisa Munroe

NAT COnfidence Training came to my company to train me and my colleagues. We all learnt how to be more assertive and confident in our work environments and also how to carry ourselves when we travel with work.

Lukas Jenner

I have attended a number of courses through NAT Confidence Training. I travel a lot through my job and they really helped me to be confident and to come across well when meeting new people. Fantastic job!
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Be confident in your job
Be confident in your job
Be confident in your job